Appalcart bus hits car

An Appalcart bus hit a Subaru Outback at approximately 5p.m. on Wednesday at the intersection of Rivers Street and Stadium Drive.

University Police Sgt. Richard Hicks said the car was hit when the driver stopped for a pedestrian crossing not at a crosswalk.

“This is a extremely busy intersection; a lot of pedestrian traffic,” Hicks said. “So one thing that we can emphasize is that we would like everyone to start using crosswalks.”


Hicks said the pedestrian not using the crosswalk may have been a contributing factor to the crash.

Several passengers were on the bus and two passengers were in the car, Hicks said.

“We want everybody to be safe and use the crosswalk,” Hicks said.

No names were released nor is the exact cause known.


Story: KATELYN BYNG, Intern News Reporter