APPS asks students to explain why they are diverse


The Appalachian Online

Casey Suglia

Appalachian State University students gathered in Plemmons Student Union on Wednesday between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. to show their diversity through photographs.

Appalachian Popular Programming Society held the photoshoot to kick off the year by celebrating students’ individuality.

“Our goal for today’s photoshoot is to highlight diversity on campus and show that everyone is unique in their own way,” said Paige Anderson, a sophomore biology major and member of APPS.

Students and faculty wrote down what makes them diverse on marker boards and held them up, being photographed against a backdrop. Participants came in throughout the allotted time period, voluntarily.

“I’m participating because there is a perception that Appalachian isn’t very diverse and I want to highlight why it is and areas that can be more diverse,” said Elizabeth Tate, a junior sociology major. “For me, diversity means a lot of different life paths and identities and experiences coming together in one place.”

The photoshoot was put on by the Cultural Awareness and Student Engagement Council of APPS, according to

“The CASE committee is all about culture and showing students what other cultures have to offer,” Anderson said.

CASE council publicist Rachel Rojas said she thinks its important for Appalachian students to be aware of diversity.

“Things aren’t about how you see people,” said Rojas, a senior biology major. “People are different inside and they all feel differently. So the shoot today is to express what people really think of themselves and how it’s not about what you see. It’s about who you are.”

The photos taken at the photoshoot were posted on APPS Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts.

Story: Casey Suglia, Intern A&E Reporter