Boone Police schedule educational coffee dates with community


Courtesy of Boone Police Department

Members of the Boone Police Department pose with coffee cups. Boone Police will host “Coffee with a Cop” to get to know the community better.

Emily Broyles, Reporter

This year, the Boone Police Department will serve the community with additional servings of coffee for all.

Starting Jan. 22, Boone Police will host “Coffee with a Cop” each month. “Coffee with a Cop” is a casual informational series where officers and citizens can engage in conversations, ask questions and drink local coffee.

“When you can make a personal bond with somebody and help them see things in your perspective, it helps them understand you,” Lt. Chris Hatton said. “We get into this business because we care about people.”

Hatton has served over 21 years in law enforcement and serves as the investigations division commander.

Hatton said it’s hard to explain their job to citizens in the moment, like when they give a speeding ticket. It’s to keep everyone safe, including the person stopped, Hatton said.

To help the community comprehend the different roles of law enforcement, each meeting of the series will focus on a different topic hosted by a different Boone police officer. Topics will include policing in America, forensics and SWAT, and internet crime. Officers will also perform demonstrations of police protocol in certain situations throughout the series.

Hatton said he hopes to see all members of the Boone community throughout the series and to show that officers are just normal people who want the best for others.

“When people get to know your heart, it changes everything,” Hatton said.

The first of the series will be an overview of staff and will take place from 6:30-8 p.m. inside the Town of Boone Council Chambers.