Civility issues in Justice Hall ‘shock’ staff

Following incidents of “hate speech and vandalism,” residents in Justice Hall will go through anti-bullying and hate speech campaigns, and receive information about anti-bullying policies and listen to what it means to be a student at the university.

The incidences include “obscene drawings on dry erase boards to targeted hate speech referencing the LGBT community.”

“I think it’s shocking,” Jason Timpson, coordinator for University Housing and Residential Life. “It’s not the App way. Helping people understand that being funny, being clever, it’s not what this is about. When you make people feel uncomfortable in their home, you have gone from being clever to being disrespectful and hateful.”

These issues happened in an “ongoing process since the year began,” Timpson said.

“Things like this happen all the time, it’s just not been at this intensity that we typically see it,” Tom Kane, director of University Housing said.

Linda Foulsham, director of Equity, Diversity and Compliance, was informed of the actions around the end of August.

Foulsham said that this behavior is not tolerated at Appalachian.

“I think it’s very cowardly,” Foulsham said.

Foulsham is working with Justice Hall staff to put out information and inform the residents about the university’s policies on harassment, hostile communication, lewd, indecent or obscene conduct and vandalism.

A bulletin board has also been hung in the residence hall about bullying and its consequences, Timpson said.

University Police investigated, but concluded without finding those responsible for the instances, Timpson said.

“This has not been happening in a way that we can figure out who it is, so we’re working as a community to make sure we correct these things,” he said.

Story: KELLI STRAKA, News Editor