Clarissa Gradus: feminine punk fashion

Mericlaire Williams

It’s hard to overlook Clarissa Gradus when she wears outfits as bold as her personality.

Gradus, freshman physics major, experiments with fashion, making her outer appearance match her inner confidence.

Gradus expresses her attitude by channeling Riot grrrl, an underground feminist punk movement that began in the ‘90s. It combines feminist consciousness and punk style with politics. Gradus’ inspiration from this movement is the pioneer of the Riot grrrl movement, Kathleen Hanna, who dressed with loud colors and leopard print.

“I want to reflect in my style that I have a voice and that I am loud,” Gradus said.

Gradus’ signature outfit is a tank top layered over a long-sleeve shirt paired with her variety of colored Dickies pants and a double grommet belt. Gradus said her piercings and jewelry complete her looks and make her feel more like herself. They give her an edge when she decides to wear a more feminine look.

Gradus refuses to fit in or follow the status quo, making her a true example of punk. Punk fashion gives her the freedom to express herself, and her outfits give her the platform to show it off.

“Fashion is what sets me apart from everyone else,” Gradus said.

While Gradus has many inspirations, she feels that her fashion is still unique to her. She uses fashion to stand out from others and be unapologetically herself.

“I love to do things a little different than the norm and just challenge the norm,” Gradus said.