Community reacts to Peacock’s departure

Andrew Clausen

After Chancellor Kenneth Peacock announced that he would be stepping down upon the appointment of his replacement, student reactions seemed sad but respectful.

SGA President Jake Cox said that he was sincerely disappointed to hear the news about Peacock stepping down.

“To lose such a great leader and such a great friend is difficult, but I understand and have the deepest respect for his decision,” Cox said. “I am sad that we are losing such a great leader and friend. I know that his ultimate happiness is what brings us peace. What speaks volumes to me is that every student has expressed a sadness but also a sense of pride in this announcement.”

Freshman SGA senator Chris Maples said he hadn’t gotten to know Peacock well, and knew his legacy through what he had heard from others.

“I just hope they can find someone to replace him with as much fortitude,” Maples said.

Mayor of Boone Loretta Clawson worked closely with Peacock concerning students.

“I was surprised when I read that Chancellor Peacock was stepping down,” Clawson said.

Clawson also said she hoped that the community might have some input in the selection of a successor.

Junior political science major Tommy Wrenn said he thinks of Peacock as someone who “walks the talk.”

“It can’t be said enough that the chancellor cares about his students,” Wrenn said. “In personal conversations, the chancellor has always made a point to ask me what’s happening and how things are in the LGBT community. I have always felt and known that he cares and would do anything he could to help meet the needs of all students.”

Peacock has served for nine years at the helm of Appalachian State University.

“While we feel sad about losing someone each person feels comfortable running up to and taking a picture with, we respect this decision and only wish him the greatest of success in his next chapter in life,” Cox said.

Story: JOSHUA FARMER, News Editor