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    Robert David Steele VivasMar 24, 2015 at 10:55 am

    I really appreciate anyone focusing on electoral reform — and I worry that most people do not understand the fullness of the issue. Getting money out (public funding), ending gerrymandering (tightly drawn districts), and expanding the debates now dominated by the two party tyranny (at least five, plus cabinet level debates) are three of eight core reforms that are needed. The other five are ballot access, free media, paper ballots counted on site — hugely important in the face of all the electronic and mail fraud –instant run-offs instead of plurality thin majority winner take all, and all legislation to be posted online in advance for citizen comment and vote. There is an emerging non-partisan electoral reform movement slowly gaining traction, more information can be found by looking for “open power electoral reform” online — a direct URL if permitted is — the Twitter hashtag is #ElectoralReform.