Fashion of Boone: A stylish spring semester

Xanayra Marin-Lopez, Reporter

Patches of snow on brown grass don’t make for the ideal catwalk, but don’t expect anything less than a serve from App State’s most fashionable students. Coming back from winter break and entering 2022 brings lots of opportunities for rebranding. Let’s see if these Mountaineers have upgrading their style as one of their New Year’s resolutions. 

Izzy Cradler wears her winter gear inside Plemmons Student Union for studying on the first day back, Monday, Jan. 10, 2022. (Xanayra Marin-Lopez)

Freshman Izzy Cradler attended private school where she had to wear uniforms all her life. Now in her second semester at App State, Cradler is still figuring out what her personal style is.

“Coming to college, I’ve had a lot of fun with trying new styles,” Cradler said. “I really like stuff that’s comfortable and also tends to be not so typically feminine.” 

Cradler wears a gray Penn State pullover under a quilted jacket. Her jacket is copper-colored, while her jeans contain cargo-like pockets, flaps and stitching. The masculine silhouettes in her clothing speak true to her style.

A staple for any college kid in Boone, Cradler starts her outfit with a Carhartt beanie. She finishes it off with Nike Blazer Mids in Habanero Red.

Bryanna Lujan-Nievs takes a break from chatting with friends in Cascades to pose in her purple attire Monday, Jan. 10, 2022.

Orange and purple aren’t the closest on the color wheel, but Bryanna Lujan-Nievs makes them an unlikely pair for her first day.

“Honestly, today I was feeling purple. I can’t explain it,” Lujan-Nievs said. “Sometimes, I wake up feeling colors. Like the other day, I felt green.”

Whether it’s green or purple, her coordination is on point with a two-toned scarf, lilac pants and hints of purple on her top. She follows the trend of little shirts and big pants, standing tall with platform black boots

Besides her scarf, Lujan-Nievs adorns multiple nose rings, gems, necklaces and even double winged sparkly eyeliner. Her inspiration for her style is none other than Doja Cat.

“That’s a bad b—- right there,” Lujan-Nievs said.

Seth Stearns, an interior design major, proves that metal chains don’t have to be worn around your neck. They can hang from your pants too. Matching his red Tripp NYC bottoms with their hair, Stearns’ mall goth aesthetic from the ’90s stands out against the white pale walls of the union.

Tripp pants, a popular bottom worn in the mall goth style, are essential to Seth Stearns’ wardrobe. Stearns wore an all black and red outfit with his pants as a statement piece Monday, Jan. 10, 2022.

“I’ve got the big Tripp pants,” Stearns said. “Pretty popular in the late ‘90s, 2000’s. I find a lot of inspiration from Instagram.”

He sticks to colors of black and red with platform Doc Martens, a canvas tote bag and a pullover hoodie. Stearns has a few chains on their neck to match the silver metal on their pants.

Freshman psychology major Kylie Venticinque stands neutral on Sanford Mall, layered up for the cold first day. 

Venticinque’s color palette often lies in beiges, black and browns, and today is no different. Her idea of a pop of color is some amber or gold in her accessories. 

Kylie Venticinque layers her tops and accessories to tie together her first day look Monday, Jan. 10, 2022.

But her accessories go farther than just jewelry. Venticinque uses scarves and ties around her waist, her belt loops and of course, her neck.

“I have a huge scarf collection,” Venticinque said. “ I just tie them anywhere. I use them as scarves, I use them as headscarves a lot. I like random belts and ties.”

To finish off the look, Venticinque starts with a brown long sleeve shirt under a black underbust corset. On top of this is a khaki-colored jacket under a leather one. She has three necklaces layered in length. She keeps her curls warm with a fur hat and ends it off with black knee-high boots, which she says she wears with everything.

Taking into account the cold weather, new year and the need to impress on the first day, App State students can rock an outfit from head to toe. They’ve got all semester long to turn out looks on campus.