Sanford style: What people are wearing on the mall

Xanayra Marin-Lopez, Reporter

Grabbing your Crossroads order from the Grubhub shelf and bolting to your next class as you answer one of the five texts from your mom, you pass the eno jungle, preacher’s paradise and frisbee tournament arena that is Sanford Mall. 

Sanford is an App State student’s destination for studying in the sun and unintentionally showcasing their outfits on the way to their next class. Here’s what students are wearing this fall on the biggest and beloved quad. 

Thrifting specialist Jocelyn Cardona sports a fiery tie-dye baby tee dawning a Myrtle Beach, South Carolina logo. Worn atop light wash, distressed, mom jeans and Harley Davidson combat boots, Cardona keeps it casual yet edgy in her Sanford attire.

On the steps of the student union, Jocelyn Cardona channels the biker look with Harley Davidson boots and a Myrtle Beach Bike Week baby tee. (Xanayra Marin-Lopez)

Fashion sustainability is important to senior student Cardona, as seen by her “Sustain App State” tote bag, reusable water bottle and her summer internship.

Cardona spent her summer at Amy’s Closet Boutique, a nonprofit that helps domestic violence victims with its proceeds and donated items, according to their website. Inspired by the store, Cardona says her closet is about 90% thrifted. 

Her process for getting dressed each morning is simple. She places future outfits for the week on a small clothing rack on the floor of her bedroom, while the rest of her pieces stay in her closet, or as she likes to call it, “inventory.”

App State also serves as an inspiration for the senior student, who said the fashion scene in Boone is motivating for dressing to impress. 

“A lot of people do dress nicer here, and people have unique styles here, but for me, it’s more of like the confidence to go about my day,” Cardona said. “I want to make sure when I get in class I feel confident in myself both on an intellectual level but also on a physical with clothes on my body that make me feel like I can do what I want.”

Angeluz Murrilo’s hair is always a pop of color in her outfit with a purple streak on her bangs. Though her clothes are in darker tones, she also accessories with colorful jewelry. (Xanayra Marin-Lopez)

With evil eyes, peace signs and crystal beads adorned across her neck, freshman Angeluz Murillo takes to the sidewalk in almost knee-high Demonia-styled shoes, the goth platform boots.

She said she bought them on the popular selling app Depop. Murillo said she decided to buy the shoes from an online seller because they were $10 cheaper on the platform.

Past the straps, belt buckles, studs and zippers, Murillo rocks a cream skater skirt tied to her waist with an attached corset belt. Over her black top is a dark flannel that sits right under her curly cut with purple bangs. 

Though her outfit may be a statement, Murillo said she used to feel too insecure to show her true style. 

“My sister, she kind of inspired me,” Murillo said. “She started dressing however she wanted to. She didn’t care what people thought. And honestly I was like, ‘Dude, that’s so cool.’”

Murillo’s style icons come from others in history who she said also dressed freely, like artists David Bowie and Freddie Mercury. 

Sporting her mother’s shirt and her favorite Crossroads smoothie, Hallie McGee makes an outfit with hand-me-down clothes and a vibrant pink skirt. (Xanayra Marin-Lopez)

As she let go of these insecurities, Murillo also began to dye and cut her hair. From pink to now purple bangs, Murillo said that a year ago, we would’ve seen her with a long, undyed do.

Sipping on her smoothie that almost matches the pink on her skirt, Hallie McGee steps onto Sanford Mall in her mother’s low-top sneakers that almost resemble Golden Goose’s, the luxury Italian leather shoes. 

Above that is McGee’s pink miniskirt paired with a black slouchy sweater. Layered under her sweater is a white top just below several gold necklaces that compliment the neon skirt.

For her hair, McGee puts it up with a claw clip. Inspired by the fashion of the 90s, claw clips have been a way to place your hair away from your face without having to “dent” it like a hair tie would. And since it’s been seen on models like Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber, the clips have made their way into the fall trends as well.  

But no matter the trend cycle, Sanford is still home to glimpses of App State’s best dressed students. Just like there’s endless amounts of ways to enjoy your time in the green grass, there’s endless combinations of outfits that cross the center of campus, every season.