Fashion of Boone: COVID-conscious Halloween costumes


Rebecca Parker, A&C Reporter

With Halloween approaching, now is the time to think about costumes, which may be a little tricky given new COVID guidelines. While Halloween parties won’t be a thing this year, keeping your social media updated always will be, so here is a list of  COVID-conscious Halloween costumes that will cleverly hide that mask of yours.

Sheet Ghost

This costume is super easy to create; all you need is a white flat sheet and a pair of scissors. Cut two holes for eyes and drape it over your head and voila! You’re a classic ghost. The best part? The sheet will cover your whole face, so you can hide the mask! Plus, sheet ghost photoshoots are trending on TikTok, so get out there and take some spooky socially-distanced pictures with your friends!

Surgeon/ Nurse

Grey’s Anatomy fans unite with this super simple costume! For this, you will need scrubs and a surgical mask, both of which you can buy at any department store. Halloween is guaranteed to be a beautiful day to save lives in this costume.


For this, you’ll need a cowboy hat, flannel shirt, cowboy boots and a bandana. Use the bandana as a face covering, and for extra coverage, go ahead and wear that mask underneath! 

Bank Robber

This is another really simple costume; you’ll need any outfit of choice, perhaps a black and white striped shirt with black pants and a ski mask. The ski mask can also double as a face-covering! You could also carry a pillowcase to hold your “money.” 

Creepy Clown

Most Halloween and department stores sell costume masks that you wear over your head. The great thing about these is that they cover your whole face, so you can still hide a mask. This costume is a classic and can be used to scare your friends or family.


This is another simple costume. You can wrap yourself with toilet paper or strips of cloth to achieve this look. While not practical, it is unique and creative, a real winner for a homemade costume contest. 

Purge Member

You only need a slashed T-shirt and the iconic smiley mask for this costume. Get a group of friends together for this one and let the Purge commence. 


Another classic, but instead of drawing the nose and whiskers on your face, draw them on a mask! This means no stained skin and you’ll be protected by the mask. This idea can be used in multiple ways: feel free to draw a silly face, or just have fun with it!

Halloween this year may look a little different. If you decide to celebrate with friends, wear a mask and social distance. Try one of these costumes to incorporate a face-covering into your look!