Fashion of Boone: Mask fashion


Kara Haselton

Jocelyn Cardona, junior, wears her black App State provided mask to match her outfit of the day. To Cardona, coordinating her mask and outfit is very important.

Rebecca Parker, A&C Reporter

We see them everywhere today: in grocery stores, at your workplace and even in the classroom. Most masks or face coverings are pretty plain and simple: boring blue or white. But, patterned masks are making a debut among college students. Some masks change color when you breathe, others attach to hats. Some even don a plastic window on the front so the world can still see your gorgeous smile. 

A mask may not be the most comfortable thing to wear, but students like Emma Wright are more than willing to wear them. Wright’s grandmother makes her mask for her, which adds some sentiment to the garment.

“We need them to protect ourselves. I wear mine to protect myself and other people around me,” Wright said. 

She paired her bright pink mask with matching pink shorts for a color-coordinated look.

Other students wear them as a way to jazz up an outfit, like freshman Emily Player. 

“I love the mask. They are like another accessory to wear,” Player said.

Emily Player, freshman, wears a bright colored mask that coordinates with her style. Player sees masks as fun accessories to add to any outfit. (Kara Haselton)

Player coordinated a fun pink mask covered in frogs with bright pink eyeshadow and pops of the same pink in her t-shirt. Player has multiple family members who work in the health field, so she understands the importance of the masks. 

Her grandmother also makes masks with fun and creative patterns. For Player, it’s not hard to fit in a mask with her outfits, she has fun piecing together quirky outfits.

 Jocelyn Cardona also enjoys matching her masks to her outfits. Cardona usually sports her App State mask, but also has a collection of funky prints. 

“I have a zebra print mask and a cow pattern mask,” Cardona said. 

Cardona finds her masks at the farmers market in Boone. Supporting local businesses is  important to Cardona because of the hit they took during stay-at-home orders.

“In this time where the economy isn’t looking too good, it’s good to buy from local small businesses rather than big chain stores,” Cardona said.  

Many local businesses offer masks to customers at affordable prices. Students can also use their masks as a way to advocate special causes or communities. Though tedious, masks are a new fun way for students to be able to express themselves creatively. 

“Masks are probably going to be here for a while. I would be irritated if my masks didn’t coordinate,” Cardona said. “I can’t wear a full face of makeup, so I use the mask as a new way to express myself.”