Fashion of Boone: Hair trends

Rebecca Parker, A&C Reporter

Rhiannon Salem with curtain bangs. Quarantine and online trends inspired many to try new hairstyles this year. (Courtesy of Rhiannon Salem)

When it comes to appearance, one of the first things people often notice is hair. People use their hair in many ways as a form of self expression. Some dye it fun colors, while others may opt for a funky cut or style. No matter the style, social media heavily influences what’s trendy.  

Local hairstylist and owner of Canvas Beauty Bar on Howard Street, Miah Zimmerman, said she’s noticed seasonal patterns. 

“People tend to err on the side of warmer, darker colors for fall, and in summer it’s brighter, cooler tones,” Zimmerman said. 

So, expect to see more reds and auburn around this time of year, and maybe some blondes around spring and summer, Zimmerman said. 

  A new social media trend has reintroduced what Zimmerman calls a “money piece.” This means dyeing the face-framing pieces of hair a lighter color to brighten your face. While it traditionally started with neutral colors, teens and young adults frequently dye these sections bright pink or green. 

“With hair cuts, a good crop is always in,” Zimmerman said. 

Shorter hairstyles are popular at the moment. The trend started at the beginning of quarantine when a lot of people started cutting their hair at home as a way to get a “fresh start.” 

“2020 is such a weird time, and the shorter, textured look is really popular because of how low maintenance it is, because who has the time,” Zimmerman said.

 Quarantine inspired many to try new styles because they spent so much time at home. It was the perfect time to try something new. With shorter hair, you’re able to get away with a lot less styling. You also don’t have to spend as much time styling since you have less hair. 

Another popular hairstyle today is a blunt, shoulder-length cut. Adding layers for a messy look is also really fashionable. Zimmerman calls this piecey and messy but stylish, like a French bob.

Bangs are also very trendy in 2020, especially curtain bangs. Curtain bangs are bangs that are parted down the middle to frame the face. They are a look from the 1970s that has gone full circle and is trending once again, especially on TikTok. The hashtag #curtainbangs started in the fall of 2020 and has since been used over 5 million times. Modern shaggy hairstyles have also come full circle and are making their mark on fashion again. 

Rhiannon Salem has recently opted for this ‘70s curtain-bang style.

 “I was inspired by Stevie Nicks and the ‘70s kind of vibe,” Salem said. “I have people asking me all the time ‘what style is that?’ or ‘who cuts your hair?’ because people want this style.”  

Due to COVID-19 regulations closing salons for most of the summer, clients were left to their own devices and worked with what they had. Most people resorted to drugstore box dyes and at-home haircuts to get them by during quarantine. According to Glossy, a beauty blog, overall sales of at-home box dyes went up 23% this year since the start of quarantine. Documenting your DIY hair journey became a popular trend on social media. 

“2020 is such a weird time, and the textured look is really popular because of how low maintenance it is, because who has the time,” Zimmerman said.