First day of classes Aug. 17, final exams online in new fall 2020 calendar


Jackie Park

Students will return to their classrooms on their original first day of classes, Aug. 17, according to an email from Chancellor Sheri Everts Friday.

Emily Broyles, Reporter

App State students will begin their fall semester Aug. 17, the original first day of class; however, their schedules will forgo the typical two-day fall break and the last day of fall 2020 classes will take place Nov. 24, according to an email from Chancellor Sheri Everts.

While dates for the final exam period will remain the same, exams themselves will be held online with the exception of clinical and lab-based assessments. The university is planning for an in-person ceremony for December Commencement, which will also take place on its original date.

“This plan will allow for the greatest number of our students to remain home for an extended period of time before the Spring Semester begins in January. I would like to extend my thanks to the faculty, staff and students who make up the Academic Calendar Committee for the work they did to recommend this change,” Everts said.

Before employees return to campus in the fall, the university will establish safety measures for the semester such as frequent hand washing, wearing face coverings and maintaining a safe distance. Everts said the university will provide face coverings, alter classroom and work spaces and install hand sanitation stations throughout campus.

“We are working with state and local public health to develop and communicate clear and concise public health and safety awareness information that will be visibly displayed in every building and every classroom on campus,” Everts said.

The announcement comes after multiple universities, including several UNC System schools, released their fall 2020 calendars in the last two weeks.

The chancellor is taking questions concerning the fall plans here.

Everts said this shift in planning and “ability to do so makes us a stronger community,” and thanked students for their commitment to App State.