Fizzy Floats leaves Appalachian campus due to policy violation


Joshua Farmer

Fizzy Pops will no longer be allowed on Sanford Mall. It is run by junior marketing and entrprenuership major Ethan Peverall and combines soda with ice cream to create students favorite flavors.  Nicole Debartolo  |  The Appalachian
Fizzy Floats, an ice cream stand, sold out of product on campus three days in a row last week before being shut down by ASU Police April 10 for an Appalachian State Policy Manual violation.

Fizzy Floats had two locations at Duck Pond and Sanford Mall but was shut down because “[n]o person associated with the University in any capacity shall use for his or her own financial benefit or any other personal purposes University facilities or property,” according to the policy.

Ethan Peverall, founder of Fizzy Floats, is a junior marketing and entrepreneurship major. He offers a variety of original and classic floats from his self-made refrigerated cart.

“I got the idea for Fizzy Floats a couple of years ago when I was experimenting with different combinations of sherbet and soda flavors,” Peverall said. “I spent a month and $800 constructing a transportable umbrella cart, then started selling my creations once I obtained a business distribution permit from the Town of Boone.”

Peverall has had success with his small business, selling in high-traffic areas such as King and River Street, which are federally-owned public areas. However, Appalachian State’s campus is state-owned property, and therefore has certain exemptions regarding public domain.

“A way for Fizzy Floats to continue distribution on campus is to have sponsorship from a university-affiliated club and donate all earned profits to a charitable organization,” said Art Kessler, director of Food Services.

Peverall is currently working to make his ice cream cart solar-powered so that he can align his business with a sustainability organization such as ASUREI.

“It’s not about the money, the floats sell themselves wherever I go,” Peverall said. “I just want to give a little something back to the community and create a happy environment for my fellow students.”

Peverall said on his blog that despite last week’s incident, he still intends to sell ice cream on campus at least once a week, as soon as he is able.

In the meantime, the Fizzy Floats stand can be found in public locations around Boone on sunny days and during community events like the upcoming downtown Art Crawl.

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Story: NOLEN NYCHAY, Intern News Reporter

Photo: NICOLE DEBARTOLO, Intern Photographer