Football team feels like ‘whole different ball team’ with new coaches

Anne Buie

After losing several members of the offensive coaching staff to Western Carolina University, six new coaches have been added for the 2012 football season.

Running back coach Chris Foster, wide receivers coach Justin Stepp, offensive line coach Dwayne Ledford, tight ends coach Nic Cardwell, cornerbacks coach Bryan Brown and assistant coach and offensive coordinator Scott Satterfield.

Both Satterfield and Cardwell coached at Appalachian before in 1998-2008 and 2008, respectively.

“It’s great to be back,”Satterfield said. “This is where I went to school and I have a lot of pride in Appalachian State. I was gone for three years, learned a lot, and wanted to come back at some point in time and this was a great opportunity.”

Despite the changes on the coaching staff, the coaches are not trying to change up the offensive strategies too much.

“We’re going to do basically what we did when I was here before,”Satterfield said. “We’re going to try to raise the tempo and try to make an exciting brand of football for our players and our fans.”

Head Coach Jerry Moore said all of the new coaches were “good for our program.”

“The big thing for us is chemistry,” said head coach Jerry Moore. “They all have to fit and this is one of those things that just worked. Every one of those guys are terrific.”

The players have also bought into the new coaching staff, starting with the leader of the offense QB Jamal Jackson.

“They bring a lot of energy and it feeds to us,” said Jackson. “We love it, I feel like we’re a whole different ball team than we were last year.”

Story: JORDAN DAVIS, Intern Sports Reporter