How to get back home without a car

How to get back home without a car

Nicole Caporaso

A lot of students on campus don’t have a car, whether it be because of the pricey cost of parking spaces and gas or simply because they don’t think they need to have it here at Appalachian.
Quite possibly the biggest worry of a student without a car is how to get home.
There are actually quite a few ways that are pretty simple.

Find someone driving home that lives close to you.
Ask your friends how they’re getting home, find a friend of a friend that lives near you who is driving home. Post on the Appalachian State Facebook page for your class and ask if anyone will be driving to your area. Make sure to say that you will help chip in for gas money, that will usually make someone more inclined to allow you to tag along for the ride.

Take the bus.
An awesome thing about our university is that they offer daily, round trip bus routes. The tickets are all for reasonable prices, students with a valid ID even get a discount. Buses leave Appalachian every day, going to Lenoir, Newton-Conover, Lincolnton, Gastonia, Charlotte, Wilkesboro, Hamptonville, Winston-Salem and Greensboro. If you don’t live exactly in one of those cities, choose the one closest to your home and have someone pick you up.

Use Zimride.
App State is very eco-friendly and part of its sustainability initiative has partnered up with Zimride. Zimride is a website that will connect you with other people that are traveling the same way. You can log into Zimride using your Appalachian email address and create your profile. You simply post where and when you want a ride and you will be matched with another student who has spare seats in their car.
Both a link for the bus schedules and Zimride can be found at

Story: Nicole Caporaso, News Reporter