Get connected: Social resources on campus


Samuel Cooke

Pascale Bouchard, the new LGBTQ Center graduate assistant, stands in the entrance to the Henderson Springs LGBTQ Center in Plemmons Student Union Aug. 2, 2022.

Jenna Guzman, Editor-in-Chief

Arriving in a new town and a new school may be overwhelming to some, and finding one’s place in a different environment may take some time. However, App State offers social resources that allow students of all identities to not only adjust to campus life, but to also connect.

Here are some of the social resources App State has to offer:

Asian Student Association

The Asian Student Association is a club dedicated to exploring the identities, leadership and personal development of students within the Asian American and Pacific Islander community as well as being a safe space for students according to their website.

Members of ASA during the Halloween meeting. (Courtesy of Julia Murray)

ASA allows for students both within and outside of the AAPI community to connect, embrace, support and learn from each other and each other’s cultures. In addition to this, ASA is a “safe space” where students can raise concerns and build community, according to their Instagram account.

Julia Murray, a sophomore sustainable development major and the Finance Chair for ASA, wrote in an email that the club has weekly meetings every Wednesday at 7 p.m. in Linville Falls, Plemmons Student Union room 226.

According to their website, ASA hosts social and educational events in honor of bringing awareness to and learning about different cultures such as Asian Fest, a celebration of Asian cultures with performances, food, games and fashion shows; the Holi Festival; Charity Gala; potlucks and more.

Students can find what events are planned through ASA’s Engage or through their Instagram account, @asaatasu.

Black Student Association

Founded in 1974, the Black Student Association is a club where Black students can come together to connect, support each other, promote and uplift their identities, and is “committed to promoting a positive image at Appalachian of the African-American community at large,” according to their mission statement.

BSA has an office where students can come in during the day located in room 215 in Plemmons Student Union. The club also has weekly meetings every Monday at 7 p.m. in MacRae Peak, room 137B of the Student Union. 

Peyton Joyner, president of BSA, said the club offers Black students an opportunity to gain resources, make friends and connections, learn and more.

“We’re just kind of trying to provide any assistance that a Black student would need at a PWI through our club,” said Joyner, a sophomore English major.

BSA hosts events and activities throughout the school year such as Black History Month events; Kwanzaa Fest; Black Arts, a variety show; informational panels; Homecoming events; community service and more. Joyner describes BSA as a “support system” and “uplifting and impactful.”

Students can keep up to date with scheduled events and meetings through BSA’s Engage or Instagram account, @appstate_bsa

Henderson Springs LGBTQ Center

Henderson Springs LGBTQ Center, located in Plemmons Student Union room 106, down International Hallway, is a space where students both within and outside of the LGBTQ+ community can gather for a number of different reasons, such as to wind down between or after classes, have conversations with people who have similar interests and beliefs, search for personal and educational opportunities and more, said Cody Henderson, Assistant Director of Intercultural Student Affairs..

Henderson, who oversees the LGBTQ Center, describes the center as a community and a safe space for students. Henderson said the center aims to “empower, educate and affirm.” 

The center plans and hosts different events and involvement opportunities such as Queer Prom; the Trans Day of Silence; Pride Among the Pines, an LGBTQ+ book club in collaboration with Foggy Pine; InQueeries; the Queer Love art club; Lavender Graduation and more. 

Different resources are offered at the center for those who enter such as snacks, menstrual products, career building workshops and connecting students with counseling and psychological services if needed.

The center is open five days a week and hours are based on volunteer availability. Students can apply to volunteer at the LGBTQ Center through their website and stay informed with what the center is doing through their Instagram account, @lgtbcenter_appstate.

Latin Hispanic Alliance

The Latin Hispanic Alliance is a club where students of Latin or Hispanic descent and those who appreciate the cultures can come together to connect, learn about and celebrate each other’s cultures and identities, share similarities, promote awareness of the Hispanic community at App State and get involved on campus, according to their website.

Carlos Ruiz, vice president of LHA, describes the alliance as a “safe space” for all Latinx students, regardless of where they’re from.

Members of the Latin Hispanic Alliance gathering for a photo outside. (Courtesy of Carlos Ruiz)

LHA meets every week on Thursday at 7 p.m. in Linville Falls, Plemmons Student Union room 226. However, they host many events both on and off campus in different locations. Members of LHA can keep track of where they are meeting through their Engage or their Instagram account, @lhaappstate.

Some of the events and activities LHA has hosted are the Latin Hispanic Heritage Festival, a festival in honor of Latin Hispanic Heritage Month that featured dancing, food, panelists and games; Noche de Euforia, a “Euphoria” themed dance; arts and crafts days; potlucks; bowling, destress days and more. 

LHA also offers different resources to members such as financial aid services in Spanish, Latinx financial aid advisors, community service opportunities, food and more. 

“It’s una gran familia,” Ruiz said. “It’s connecting, it’s a safe space, and it’s an opportunity to learn and grow.”

Multicultural Center

Located in Plemmons Student Union room 112 and created in 1995, the Multicultural Center is a place where students can embrace, learn and respect each other’s cultures.

Christian Martin and Will Sheppard pictured by an Intercultural Student Affairs diagram. Martin, pictured on the left, is a student coordinator for the center, and Sheppard, pictured on the right, is the Associate Director of Intercultural Student Affairs. July 26. (Maggie Busch)

According to their website, the center “provides a bridge that connects and promotes the uniqueness of various multicultural groups.” 

The center hosts and plans different events, exhibits, programs and activities to spread awareness and encourage respect of cultures, cultural histories and more. Some events and programs the Multicultural Center has hosted include the Latin Hispanic Heritage Festival, Kwanzaa Fest, Misogynoir: A Discussion on the Experiences of Women of Color, mental health workshop series and clothing swaps.

The Multicultural Center also collaborates with other multicultural clubs and organizations on campus.

This center is student-led and volunteer based.

Muslim Student Association

The Muslim Student Association is an organization where Muslims and non-Muslims from both on and off campus can come together to meet, build unity, support and “promote a better understanding of Islam among Muslims and non-Muslims,” according to their Engage

Guests eating at the MSA Community Iftar hosted by the Muslim Student Association, April 28. (Courtesy of Hammad Chaudhry)

Hammad Chaudhry, president of MSA, said the organization is “very welcoming” and is a place where Muslim students can find each other and connect, as well as a place where members of different groups can learn to acknowledge and respect each other. 

“Coexist, that’s the whole thing we’re about,” said Chaudhry, a junior art history major.

Chaudhry said MSA tends to collaborate with other Muslim groups in Boone and provides resources to members of the Muslim community and to Afghan refugees located in Boone. 

MSA hosts Friday prayer days, where students congregate to pray, and the association has also hosted events such as the MSA Community Iftar, a dinner “celebrating the Islamic holy month of Ramadan and the upcoming Eid al-Fitr,” according to their website.

MSA has no scheduled meeting times, but those interested can check out their Engage page to stay updated on when and where they meet and what events are planned.

Women’s Center

The Women’s Center, located in Plemmons Student Union room 110 and created in September 1998, is the only fully volunteer-run Women’s Center in North Carolina according to their website.

Henderson, who also oversees the Women’s Center, said the center is committed to educating others, promoting body positivity, spreading awareness about women’s health and women’s health issues, eliminating gender discrimation, promoting equity and providing both community and campus resources.

Henderson describes the center as “empowering” and a “safe place” to discuss certain topics and to embrace who you are.

The Women’s Center offers those who come in multiple resources such as menstrual products, a lactation space, contraceptives, psychological and counseling services, connections to those who can help with domestic abuse or sexual harrasment, snacks and more which can be found on their website or by visiting the center.

The center has also hosted a number of events, workshops and fundraisers such as Femme Fatales, a variety show; Take Back the Night, an event where guests can bring awareness to sexual violence by telling their stories; fundraisers for OASIS; clothing swaps and more.