You know it’s fall at Appalachian when…

Dewey Mullis

Fall has arrived, and if this is your first fall in Boone, this article will prepare you for the experience. If you’re an experienced Boonie, then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Here is a list of 10 telltale signs that fall has arrived in the High Country:

 1. Tourists for days.
If you haven’t experienced the leaves changing in Appalachia, you’re in for a treat. If you have experienced this phenomenon, it’s still Insta-worthy. But be prepared for all of the down-the-mountain folk who are way more excited than you are.

2. On your mark, get set, light therapy!
Take a moment to enjoy every blue sky you see between now and spring. They may be few and far between.

3. Don’t take all of your summer clothes home.
It isn’t winter just yet. There will be, without a doubt, that one week where Boone will experience each season. We’ll have rain, snow, sun, wind, a tornado warning and a confused pile of laundry.

 4. Rain, rain here to stay.
It will rain most days of the week. It is the only consistency in the weather this time of year. You will have a tough time making it across campus without an umbrella, rain jacket, boots or a kayak. Welcome to Applantis.

5. Everyone’s shelves will be bare.
Noticing you have run out of all essentials can be painful, but getting the energy up to go to Wal-Mart is even worse. Unfortunately, you’ll get to Wal-Mart and they will be out of the same items you are.

6. Cuddling with your phone on and the email open is likely not a sign of mental illness.
You’ll go to bed hoping classes are cancelled and wake up thinking classes are cancelled. Upon checking your email, you’ll spend the remainder of the day in disappointment because your classes aren’t actually cancelled. It gets better. Wait until winter.

7. Game days are a different story.
After checking the weather, you will decide that it is too cold to walk to class. If there is a football game, you’ll put on your gear and plow your own path to the stadium.

8. Boone has an unofficial fall dress code.
This goes for both guys and girls. You will find yourself wearing flannel, yoga pants or both on most days of the week. It’s trendy, comfortable and warm. There is no blame or shame! If you don’t have yoga pants or flannel, you’ll need to get on that. Otherwise, you’ll stick out like a sore thumb.

9. You’ll have an identity crisis on AppState Crushes.
AppState Crushes will be infiltrated by posts about people observing the above-mentioned dress code. Because you’re also wearing the clothes he or she said made you look so good, you’ll briefly wonder whether or not they’re talking about you.

10. Pumpkin everything.
Gross. Except pie. Always pie.

Enjoy Boone in the fall. You might complain about it now, but you’ll inevitably come crawling back for more next year.

Mullis, a senior criminal justice major from Wallburg, is an opinion writer.