Letter from the editor: Why we placed so much attention on the municipal election

Cory Spiers

As you all may have noticed, The Appalachian has devoted a lot of attention and space in the newspaper and on our website to this year’s municipal election.

We have set aside space on a handful of our front pages for frequent updates on campaigns and breakdowns of the candidates’ platforms and promises. We’ve even published video interviews with all of the mayoral candidates online.

So why exactly have we put so much effort into a local town election?

On this year’s ballot, we have four different candidates seeking a first term as the mayor of Boone and six other candidates are eyeing one of the three open spots on the town council.

In order for any of them to earn those titles as leaders and representatives, they need our vote. 

Many of us won’t stay in Boone or anywhere near this town after graduation, and even then, we’re only in Boone for approximately four years – maybe a little more or maybe less at this point in some of our collegiate careers.

But until then, this is our town and our home. These people are asking us, the students and their potential constituents, for the privilege to represent us and make Boone an incredible place to work, study and live.

Local elections matter, no matter how long you call the place home. Even if you’re living here for only four years or so, I believe that it is important to let you know what your neighbors – and in this particular case, what one of your fellow classmates – have to offer as civil servants to the people of Boone.

While you live in Boone, what kind of housing ordinances will stand? How strict will our noise ordinance be? These things matter and can have a real impact on our lives, even if it is for a brief time.

With all of that in mind, I would like to encourage everyone to vote if you have not done so already.

Letter from the editor: MICHAEL BRAGG, Editor-in-chief