Local alumna’s art makes it into Our State

Savannah Brewer, Reporter

Intricate ink creations take shape in the hands of one local printmaker whose artwork includes depictions of the Blue Ridge Mountains, swirling lettering and illustrations reminiscent of mountain folk art. 

Lauren Crowe runs a graphic design and printmaking business called The White Crowe. She is a resident of Boone, and her pieces can be found on display during Blowing Rock’s Art in the Park events. One of these pieces, Linn Cove Viaduct, was recently featured in the October 2021 edition of Our State Magazine

“It was an absolute honor to be included in that piece featuring so many other great artists along the Blue Ridge Parkway,” Crowe said. “And it reassured me that people are still interested in what I am creating.”

 Locality is a poignant feature within Crowe’s work. Several of her pieces picture popular local geography, including Table Rock and Beacon Heights. 

“She is super talented and creative and has the ability to captivate the beauty of the NC mountains in her work,” said Allison Sparks, one of Crowe’s colleagues.

The Blue Ridge mountains are a prominent theme in many of Crowe’s features.

“I love to hear about my collectors own connections to this area through my pieces,” Crowe said.

An alumna of App State, Crowe was introduced to printmaking while taking a required elective. She found relief printmaking to be especially interesting. 

The physical analog process and the graphic nature of relief printmaking seemed like the perfect combination,” Crowe said.

The process of printmaking includes carving away at a surface to create an elevated design that can be replicated on a different surface with ink. 

“Because of that first relief printmaking class at ASU I have been able to continue to study printmaking and grow in my technique and knowledge,” Crowe said. “I believe my professor Scott Ludwig is still teaching at ASU and active in the local art community.”

 Ludwig still works as a professor and Printmaking Area Coordinator in the Art Department at App State and continues to inspire students as a visual artist.

“Lauren was one of those unique students that excelled with the relief process almost immediately,” Scott said. “She possessed strong design and drawing skills, and this ability, along with her sensitive, detailed carving technique, really paved the way for her to be successful with the relief process, and I am thrilled she is still making beautiful relief prints and marketing her work on the White Crowe website and beyond!”

Boone’s local art community had influence on both Crowe and Ludwig.

Whether it be exposure through my social media, local connections, wholesale or markets, I have found the High Country to be very supportive of the arts,” Crowe said. 

Ludwig has also experienced the benefits of Boone’s local art community. 

“Under the leadership of Amber Bateman, the Watauga Arts Council has become a beacon for the arts in Boone, especially with the current presence of the King Street Collective in downtown,” he said.

Ludwig has high hopes for the arts in Boone. 

The future of a vibrant creative culture is bright in Boone,” he said.  “I can only hope a few more gallery spaces emerge as the town continues to grow.”

Crowe operates an Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Pinterest account for her work. 

“My social media is somewhat of a process blog for me,” Crowe said. “I think the curation of it is more of my natural taste coupled with my graphic design/art background.” 

Crowe’s work can be purchased on her website or through her Etsy.