Medicaid expansion would be beneficial for NC


The Appalachian Online

Kevin Griffin

In a positive development, Gov. Pat McCrory appears to be considering some form of Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act for North Carolina.

After a meeting with President Obama on Jan. 6, McCrory said that he was considering expanding Medicaid with a waiver that would modify the implementation, according to The News & Observer.

While we should be wary of modifications that would lessen the positive impact of implementation, the fact North Carolina may soon be getting this expansion is good news.

Medicaid expansion has shown to be beneficial in many of the places that have adopted it.  A November 2013 Kaiser Family Foundation review of studies showed that Medicaid expansion would likely lead to such benefits as increased government revenues and higher economic output.

I hope Medicaid will be expanded so we can enjoy the benefits, but I also hope the modifications to the program will not diminish the gains.

Griffin, a junior journalism major from Madison, is an opinion writer.