Member of the NC House of Representatives visits campus

Stephanie Sansoucy

Josh Dobson, member of the N.C. House of Representatives and Appalachian State University alumnus, visited campus Friday to speak with classes and visit his alma mater.

Dobson, who received his master’s degree in public administration at Appalachian, represents Avery, Mitchell and McDowell counties and approximately 85,000 citizens.

Political science professor Phillip Ardoin invited Dobson to speak to his American government classes.

“By meeting an elected official in my class, I hope the students see that most Representatives are not like the stereotypical politician the media portrays,” Ardoin said.

Susan McCracken, director of External Affairs and Communication Relations, introduced Dobson to the class.

“This was his [Dobson’s] first formal visit to campus since being appointed to his seat,” McCracken said.

Dobson discussed the day-to-day tasks of being a state representative, his political origin, what it was like to be back at Appalachian and the advice he has for students.

“I love being back at Appalachian, it’s almost nostalgic to come back and it’s always good to talk to American government classes,” Dobson said.

Dobson said Appalachian has had a large impact on his post-graduate life because the classes he took prepared him to work with people.

Dobson, who completed most of his college education at night because of his family and job, told students he envies their ability to enjoy the college experience and advised them to make the most of their time at Appalachian.

“Don’t take it for granted, I know it’s a cliche, but please enjoy this time in your life and don’t let it be something that you just endure,” Dobson said.

Ardoin said he tries to have at least one elected official visit his classes each semester.

“I particularly like to bring back ASU [alumni] so my students can recognize that elected office is a real possibility for them after graduating,” Ardoin said.

Story: NICOLE CAPORASO, Intern News Reporter