Motorcycle increase causes need for more parking spaces

Anne Buie

Due to an increased motorcycle presence on campus, University Housing, Parking and Traffic and Office of Design and Construction are working to add more designated areas for motorcycles to park, Parking and Traffic Director Barry Sauls said.

No intended designated places have been planned since the plan is still in beginning stages.

Currently, there are approximately three areas designated for motorcycle parking on campus and numerous places motorcycles can park that are not designated, Sauls said.

“We’re in the process of examining our policy,” Sauls said “We’re going to have to make some adjustments based on the explosion of the number of motorcycles and scooters coming to campus compared to five years ago.”

Parking and Traffic has set aside money for the new areas and is waiting to find places on campus convenient for motorcyclists yet practical for the university, Sauls said.

Currently, there is no charge for motorcycles to park on campus. There is no plan to fee motorcyclists, Sauls said.

“We do this as one of our means of supporting campus sustainability initiatives,” Sauls said. “Since motorcycles use less gas than cars, it is more sustainable.”

A motorcyclist parking at a wheelchair unloading areas is one of the biggest issues, Sauls said.

“Most people don’t realize that the area hatched off in yellow stripes is considered part of the disability parking space,” Sauls said. “Some motorcyclists think it’s okay to park there but parking there is a $250 fine.”

If it is a motorcyclists’ first offense, Parking and Traffic will take that into consideration when issuing tickets, Sauls said. Parking will also show motorcycles where they can park next time, he said.

The increase of motorcycles has also been an increasing issue this semester for University Police, Chief Gunther Doerr said.

“This can really be an issue if [a motorcycle] is impeding traffic flow,” Doerr said.

Many police officers have also commented on the increase in motorcycles this semester, Doerr said.
Senior music education major Brad Beamon rides his motorcycle to campus daily.

The biggest problem with motorcycle parking is inconsistency from Parking and Traffic, Beamon said.

“I don’t care what parking says about where motorcyclists have to park, as long as they are consistent,” Beamon said.

Beamon said he has gotten warnings about where to park, but is still confused about where he is allowed to park on campus.

“If I knew I wouldn’t get a ticket, I would park in the designated areas,” Beamon said. “I’m just confused about where those are.”

Motorcyclists who are concerned about where to park can contact parking, where they will be given information on where they can park, Sauls said.


Story: CHELSEY FISHER, Senior News Reporter