Movie, video game rental service possible for campus

Joshua Farmer

Plemmons Student Union and Appalachian State University are working in conjunction with Student Government Association and CrocBox Co. to bring a movie and video game rental service to campus.

Associate Director of Operations for Plemmons Student Union Brad Vest said this has been in the works for four years.

“I’m looking forward to the service [being provided] to the students,” Vest said.

Vest said that he had tried in the past to get in contact with Red Box, but found out through colleagues at other universities that the company would not install machines on college campuses.

Vest then contacted Jim Taruli of CrocBox and is waiting for a contract to pass through the attorney’s office on campus, which would seal the deal.

Vest said that he does not expect to have any issues with the contract passing through the attorney’s office, and says it would take four to six weeks after approval of the contract for the CrocBox to be installed.

There are already CrocBox locations at Western Carolina University, UNC Greensboro and other universities, Vest said.

The CrocBox would be installed on the first floor of the student union, Vest said, but no location has been set in stone.

Dave Dykes, a freshman SGA representative for Doughton Residence Hall, proposed a bill to support the deal. The bill passed through the senate Dec. 4, 2012.

“Being a movie lover myself, I thought it would be a great idea to have a place on campus for students to rent up-to-date movies,” Dykes said.

Dykes’ research revealed that 95 percent of students said they would consider using this machine and 96 percent believed it would be beneficial, he said. The energy usage would be about 150 kilowatt-hours per year, about half as much as a common vending machine.

Story: JOSHUA FARMER, News Editor