New campus restaurant offers unique plant-based options

Ethan Murphy, Reporter

Campus Dining introduced a new vegan restaurant to Roess Dining Hall at the beginning of the fall 2019 semester that has developed into a flagship for quality on-campus food options. 

“Terra verde” means “green earth” in Latin, which reflects the restaurant’s plant-based menu. Campus Dining created Terra Verde as an on-campus vegan option, and its menu includes stir-fried vegetables, in-house prepared veggie burgers and roasted mushroom quinoa. 

App State executive chef Jules Bott said he proposed opening Terra Verde to create a diverse mindset about plant-based food. He has experienced lackluster vegan options and wanted to change that.

“Over most of the world, people don’t eat a meat-centric diet. In most places, the meat is more of a seasoning for the plant, and it’s easy when you look at it that way to take the meat out of the dishes and still have real food,” Bott said.

Danny Bock, a former Coyote Kitchen chef, is the assistant director for Campus Dining. Bock said he and Bott worked together to create dishes for a new generation of diners. 

“You can put a completely out of left field ingredient in front of this audience, and it will have a market,” Bock said.

Surveys conducted on student eating habits indicated a desire for different vegan options, and because of this demand, campus staff continuously change dining options.

Stephanie Lee is the communications specialist for Campus Dining and oversees the marketing for Terra Verde. 

“We’re looking to address a new brand a semester, and planning some awesome stuff. Students can already experience that, too,” Lee said.

Bott said Campus Dining plans to rebuild and revamp numerous brands across the board. 

“We have chefs running dining outlets now. We’re really building up our culinary army to take over Campus Dining,” Bott said.

Bock serves as an example of this culinary revolution. Since coming to App State, he has brought his skill to the table both literally and figuratively, Bott said.

“The chefs in these dining units are solely focused on the food. Traditionally, in Campus Dining, supervisors and managers did a little bit of everything. With this, we’ve really been able to unify the food and bring quality up,” Bock said.

Bott said the methods and ideas behind Terra Verde have marked a turning point in Campus Dining.

Bott said the staff has their chance to shine through fresh plants and fun techniques.