“One death is too many”: Davis Hunter administration, UNC-Charlotte SGA address App State student death from COVID-19

Emily Broyles, Reporter

 UNC-Charlotte and App State Student Government Association’s are acknowledging the death of an App State student who died from COVID-19 complications Sept. 28.

Sophomore Chad Dorill was taken off life support after battling the virus for around two weeks. His death has made state and national news, being one of the few coronavirus deaths of a university student in the country. 

The Davis-Hunter Administration released a statement on its Instagram account addressed to “fellow Mountaineers,” echoing Dorill’s family wishes of limiting in-person interaction, washing hands and wearing masks on and off campus. 

“Our actions affect so many more people than ourselves, and it is important for us to remember that just because we cannot see the impact of our actions, they are still there,” the statement read.

SGA acknowledged Boone’s rising COVID-19 case count and said while young people can contract the virus and are at a lower risk, they are not immune.

“COVID-19 is not the flu, it is not a hoax… One death from COVID-19 is too many, and we have and will continue to work tirelessly to keep this campus as safe as possible by advocating and working alongside university administrators, Staff and Faculty senates, the Town of Boone, and off-campus businesses and landlords,” the statement read.

The Davis-Hunter Administration wrote that while “COVID-19 fatigue” has affected students, they encourage students to persevere and remain vigilant. 

“We pride ourselves on creating a community and culture of care on this campus adn in this town, and we must continue in our efforts and pursuits to accomplish this, together,” the administration wrote. 

 UNC-Charlotte’s SGA also passed a resolution “expressing regret and sorrow at the passing of Mr. Chad Dorrill of Appalachian State University” Oct. 1. 

“The Student Government Association wishes to express the sympathy of itself and the UNC Charlotte community to the Appalachian State University Community and Mr. Dorrill’s family,” according to the resolution. 

The resolution was signed by Dick Beekman, President Pro Tempore of the Student Senate, and UNC-Charlotte student body president Tahlieah Sampson.