Opinion: Budget plans are not ideal

Ryan Scott

Chelsey Fisher

Ryan ScottI once wrote that proposed tuition and fee hikes were warranted to maintain this university’s excellence.

I assumed that the Chancellor would not increase tuition and fees unless it was absolutely necessary.

Now that I know where some of the money will go, I see the increases as completely unnecessary.
According to Student Government Association President Jake Cox in a Nov. 29 article of The Appalachian, “‘…one main thing that was added…was three athletic advisor positions.'”

Though there might be good reasons for the proposed increase, making students pay for something that only a small group can use is absurd.

The administration also rejected SGA’s idea of keeping the library open all day five days a week because it “didn’t serve enough students.”

Making non-athletes pay for athletic advisers is ridiculous. I understand the cuts were made during a recession, but maybe they were cut for a reason.

Meanwhile, the 24/5 plan could potentially benefit all students, even though not every student will use it.

We are struggling with academic facilities as it is; students should not have to pay for athletes when their own needs remain unmet.

Scott, a sophomore computer science major from Huntersville, is an opinion writer.