Opinion: Female nudity in films excessive, unacceptable

Kaitlin Newkirk

Kevin Griffin

Kaitlin NewkirkThink back to the last time you saw a movie – do you remember how much nudity was in the flim?

Was it male or female nudity?

The thing these days is for women to appear nude more often than men in movies. Female nudity is just more acceptable than male nudity.

And heaven forbid a man actually strips. Suddenly, the whole scene becomes comical.
Take “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” for example. Jason Segel stands naked swinging his hips and it’s funny.

It seems that in our society, female nudity has become more normal, or at least more prominent.

The Motion Picture Association of America has even shown the double standards of the film industry by warning viewers when there is male nudity, but labeling female nudity as just nudity.

Brian Patrick Thornton from Spangle Magazine claims that female nudity is less controversial because “straight men are turned on by the sight” and “women aren’t turned off.”

So female nudity is okay because guys want to see it?

I don’t think women would oppose seeing a little male nudity in movies. However, I don’t think most females wants to see topless women every 10 minutes.

The issue here is that our society has made female nudity common and male nudity taboo, which isn’t fair to either gender.

The male body is slowly becoming more acceptable, mostly on a comical level. Is this not offensive to the men? Is this not suggesting that male sexuality is not attractive, and therefore it’s shown to make people laugh?

We are desensitized to female nudity, since it has occurred in excess in the media over the past few decades. Even I just shrug it off as normal when I see a nude woman in the movies.

But women like to have a sense of mystery about themselves, just as men do. The film industry strips this away.

Women have gradually become more equal in our country. So why does it seem they are nude way more than men?

Women no longer have to just sit back and look pretty, so why not integrate that into the film industry as well?

Newkirk, a junior English major from Wilmington, is an opinion writer.