Opinion: Petraues’ decision to step down is fitting

Anne Buie

Anne Buie

Anne BuieInitially, when I first heard about the former CIA director Gen. Petraeus stepping down from the CIA, I was furious.

I was infuriated by the idea that someone’s personal life could ruin his or her work life.

From what I could tell, Petraeuswas well respected. For a while after the presidential election results were announced, Twitter lit up with the hashtag #petraeus2016, The Washington Post reported.

But then, the world was shocked the following day as Petraeus made his announcement.

Like I said – I was originally furious. But now almost a week after the scandal has been exposed, and more facts keep coming I have realized I was wrong.

As head of the CIA, Petraeus knew confidential information that I can not even begin to imagine. But a person whose life is filled with keeping secrets, can’t have their own secrets.

When you accept a position in the public eye, there is not room for mistakes. Stakes are higher if you make one misstep, and unfortunately for Petreaus his mistake cost him his job.

Originally, it was a shame to me, he had stepped down. His 14-month stint as CIA director was one that seemed to impress many people.

But his rise to fame was indeed to good to be true, and now Petreaus is left with the shambles of his marriage and his career.

Recently, CNBC.com reported that the mistress Paula Broadwell had confidential information on her computer.

If so, then Petraues compromised America’s safety by revealing information.

My roommate for next year is trying to intern with the FBI. And because of that, I have to get a background check, solely because the FBI wants to see who my roommate is hanging out with.

If they care that much about interns on the FBI level, then I can’t imagine the levels of background checks that the mistress should have gone through.

A week ago, I thought it was shame Petraeus would step down.

Now I just think it’s a shame that America has been so disappointed by his failure to put his country first.


 Buie, a sophomore political science major from Charlotte, is the managing editor.