Opinion: Respect all opinions in Free Expression Tunnel

Casey Sugilia

Abbi Pittman

Casey SugliaOn Monday morning, I walked through some rather outspoken graffiti in the tunnel letting out to Rankin courtyard.

It appeared that Republican supporters had painted the entire tunnel with several Republican candidates’ logos and slogans over the weekend.

There was so much red propaganda that I honestly wouldn’t have been surprised if an actual elephant was waiting for me at the end of the tunnel.

But the next time I walked through it, things had changed.

Somebody had added some comments to the pro-Republican walls, such as “supported by daddy’s little girl, “this is for art, not politics” and “paid for by daddy.”

Okay, both parties had every right to paint the graffiti tunnels. But is political shaming going too far?

I think it’s time we take a step back and practice respect for one another’s opinions while still exercising our own freedoms. The hate and mud slinging needs to end.

I’m all for both parties publicly drawing attention to policies and decisions being made by the other candidate.

However, the bashing of both Democrats and Republicans needs to end.

The writing in the tunnel – both the purely political and brazenly rude – doesn’t make me want to not vote for Romney or distinguish myself as a Democrat.

It makes me upset. It makes me wish the election was over with already so we can all go back to living mutually (and relatively argument-free) amongst each other.

Yes, you should express your opinion. Shout it off mountaintops if you have to.

But if expressing your opinion means hating on others, I ask that think about what you’re saying and how your beliefs will be represented before you say them.

Don’t be afraid to speak out, but please, do it with some taste.

Suglia, a sophomore journalism major from Pinehurst, is a blogger.