OPINION: What your favorite App State sport says about you


Hiatt Ellis

Fans along the student section frontlines cheer on the Mountaineers Sept. 3, 2022. A Kidd Brewer Stadium record 40,168 fans were in attendance for the game.

Courtney Quinton, Opinion Writer

App State offers many sports and all are amazing in their own ways. Find your favorite sport and read what it might say about you.   


You can be a trend follower at times, but also the life of the party. You love a great time and look forward to the electric energy in Boone every fall for football games.


You always show up for your friends and have their back. You are a loyal human who values that trait in other people. You fight for what you believe in. 


You are a winner and know how to get what you want. You analyze every situation you are in and try to figure out the best outcome. 


You are that person. The energy you hold is unbeatable and bright. You light up a room and always look for the best in everyone you meet. You are always looking for something that betters you as a person and new experiences. 


You are comfortable in your ways and may take awhile to come around to other ways of thinking. You tend to be the bigger person in arguments and always have a high respect for those around you. 

Cross country 

You respect hard work and the beautiful Boone weather. You appreciate the more easy-going things in life and watching your friends have fun. You tend to gravitate toward being alone, but you have your circle of friends that matter to you. 


You tend to try your hardest at everything you do. You give 100% to everything in your life whether that be activities or people. You always try, whether you think it can be done or not; you never let a “what if…” stop you. 


You are insanely talented at everything you try. You work hard to be perfect at everything you do and it shows through your work and attitude.


You are a winner through and through. You thrive on competition and in high stress environments. Pressure is your best friend and you are not one to back down. 


You throw yourself on the line every day for people and work best in a team setting versus alone. You tend to be in the background of large settings but always speak up when you have something to say. 

Field hockey 

You are headstrong and insanely courageous in your everyday life. You never shy away from a challenge and your confidence never falters. 


You are powerful and you never let injury or fear stop you. You know what you want and you get it. You believe in perfection and being the best you can be.