Paper Diamond brings the bass to Legends


The Appalachian Online

Liz Flamming

High-energy electronic artist Paper Diamond brings the electronic dance music scene to Legends Wednesday, accompanied by artists Torro Torro and Nadastrom.

In a 2013 interview with The Huffington Post, Paper Diamond, whose real name is Alex Botwin, described himself as a “sponge,” soaking up many genres from trap to jazz, in an effort to produce something people have never experienced before.

Since that interview, Paper Diamond has continued to grow as an up-and-coming electronic artist, playing at popular music festivals such as CounterPoint in Atlanta and Bonnaroo in Manchester, Tennessee.

“Paper Diamond is getting pretty big,” said Zach Britt, senior music industries major and Appalachian Popular Programming Society concerts chairperson. “I’ve seen [him] a couple of times and [he] put on an incredible show. The production in itself is very, very impressive.”

Britt said he expects the turnout at Wednesday’s concert to be fairly high– similar to the attendance for other electronic groups that come through Legends, such as Mimosa and Cherub.

The concert, Britt said, will include an elaborate light production, which will be for people who want to come out and dance.

Sophomore elementary education major Kate Weaver said she will be attending the concert and looks forward to coming out and dancing. She saw Paper Diamond at Bonnaroo music festival in 2013, and described the show as “awesomely intense.”

Weaver said Paper Diamond’s Bonnaroo show included various clips from other rap and trap artists and a heavy bass. While Weaver admits the EDM scene in Boone is a small one, she said shows like Paper Diamond at Legends bring people together.

“Through concerts I have met so many people that are into that scene,” Weaver said.

Weaver hopes the show will attract a large amount of Appalachian State University students and increase the size of the passionate and dedicated Appalachian EDM scene.

Tickets for Paper Diamond with Torro Torro and Nadastrom are on sale for $15 for students in advance and $18 dollars for the public and at the door. The show is BYOB and is scheduled to begin at 9 p.m., Wednesday, Jan. 28.

Story: Liz Flamming, Intern A&E Reporter