PCP: Obama’s campaign tactics fail to impress this skeptic

Anne Buie

Abbi Pittman

The following is part of a Point Counter-Point opinion series, which highlights important issues and platform points for both candidates in the upcoming election. 

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Anne BuieI haven’t decided who I want to vote for come November.

Both candidates have their strong points, but then again, both candidates have a lot of weak points.

However, if I was to base my vote merely off of the advertisements both candidates are putting out, President Obama would not receive my vote.

See, President Obama has an ad entitled “Forward” and it shows all the things he has done as President: creating new jobs, the Affordable Care Act, Credit Card Act of 2009 and Energy Information Administration, just to name a few.

The ad features heartwarming images of soldiers hugging loved ones, children seeing doctors and the iconic image when Obama and his administration found out Osama bin Laden.

The music was uplifting, and a little patriotic.

These advertisements merely blow smoke in my face when all I want is a clear-cut answer.  The advertisements are merely a diversion that don’t allow me to focus on the actual ad.

And unlike Bragg, I think Obama’s website is horrendous. The second you open up barackobama.com, the dominant images are encouraging you to donate money to the campaign.

Well, at least Obama is honest with his intentions of solely wanting more money from American citizens.

But here’s my problem with Obama’s approach to his campaign – he’s focusing on stuff he’s already done, and to be frank, a lot of it is stuff I didn’t approve of.

If Obama wants my vote this election, he needs to focus on what he plans to do for the next four years and not what he’s actually accomplished.

I’m not wowed by smoke and mirrors. I want the real deal, or at least as genuine as politicians can give me.

Buie, a sophomore political science major from Charlotte, is the managing editor.