PCP: Obama’s immigration policy needs to focus on Americans

Anne Buie

Abbi Pittman

The following is part of a Point Counter-Point opinion series, which highlights important issues and platform points for both candidates in the upcoming election. 

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Anne BuieWhile Bragg makes an excellent assertion about the DREAM act, he forgot to further compare the two presidential candidates’ plans for immigration.

Yes, President Obama has made strives to secure our southern border, he insists businesses need to document all the workers, and he has created policies to ensure families stay united.

But I don’t think he’s doing enough.

Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney plans to increase our international competiveness by raising the caps on visas for high-skill job creators and for country caps to be raised so we can bring more international people over.

The focus on the DREAM act will be Obama’s, and ultimately America’s downfall. 

In my mind, passing the DREAM act was Obama’s biggest accomplishment as president in regards to immigration but in four years I would have expected a lot more.

By passing the DREAM act, Obama is focusing on the needs of foreigners – which is fine. But why won’t he put Americans first?

I want a president who I know will continue to fight for everyone, but will Obama continue to do so? Or will he put the rights of potential Americans first?

But Romney’s continued dedication to increase Americans international competitiveness will only further push America to the top, whereas Obama is willing to settle.

Furthermore, under Obama’s administration around 40 percent of immigrants have entered legally but then overstayed their welcome.  

Romney will help encourage immigrants to stay with us legally, which is what we need.

It’s now time for a president who will work to make America more diverse – but in a way that benefits us.

It’s not time for a president who wants to help every other immigrant out there, without putting America first.   

Buie, a sophomore political science major from Charlotte, is the managing editor.