Playlist of the week: It’s 2004 and you’re the main character

Emily Broyles, Reporter

You’re on campus, and it’s sunny. You’re sitting with your latte and final exam study guides. How can you not pretend you’re Elle Woods? There might only be so many places in our mountain town to study and shop, but the possibility for imagination is endless.

Artists in the early 2000s, heavily advertised now as “Y2K,” made it so easy to hook listeners into movies or music videos, making them think they were the star. As kids, we probably had no other word to use than it being “cool.” 

With graduation just around the corner, dare to dream like you’re “13 going on 30,” or simply ground yourself in the “Perfect Day” you’re having in the High Country. You are definitely Britney Spears in her blue tracksuit on the way to the Student Recreation Center or Jennifer Lopez in her Versace dress for this spring formal. 

Let Queen Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child walk you across the bridge from pop to R&B, and be met with VIP entrance to Mariah Carey and Mary J. Blige’s runs and whistle tones that will have you and your ears in your feelings. Let’s also not forget the top-tier party anthems from Kylie Minogue and OutKast that will bounce you into the club fantasy you totally were not expecting.  

Everyone was cooler back then. Play this on your fancy MP3 player and listen for yourself.