Playlist of the week: Feeling blue


Camryn Collier

Sadness is a hard feeling to define. It affects everyone, but never in the same way. Yet, sometimes, when you’re too deep in the blues, all you have to do is dance.

Mickey Hutchings, Reporter

Sometimes it comes over you in bed late at night. Other times, it’s when you’re driving or finally alone for the first time all day. When and wherever sadness might find you, rest assured knowing that we have a playlist for it. 

This is a playlist to carry you through the motions, to hold you and give you space for those drowning, lingering moments. These are 12 tracks that it’s OK to cry to, have an existential crisis to and just reminisce on better times. Most of all, these are songs to help you feel less alone.  

From Cat Power to James Blake, let these artists hold your hand, as they have held mine time and time again, through the darkness. These songs aren’t a cure for sadness, but they might help you heal – and you deserve to heal.