Playlist of the week: the crossroads of country

Camryn Collier, Reporter

Growing up in the South, tobacco fields, low, twangy drawls, summer days and the stories of old are staples of childhood. Country music is a lot like that, with a lot of history, a lot of story, and a lot of heart. Reaching into the lives of the common folk, country brings their stories to life.

Originating early in the 20th century, country music stems from the working class just a stone’s throw away from App State in Eastern Tennessee. Heavily influenced by European roots like Celtic and Irish fiddle songs and ballads, country music became a unique mix of the American soul as African American communities incorporated banjos and other African instruments into the mix. 

Full of simple tunes and complex lyrics, one hundred years of country music brought stars like Jimmie Rodgers, Lorretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, Chris Stapleton and more to the fore. With a tip of the hat, this playlist acknowledges the roots of the working class with country songs from days of yore and modern hits.