Playlist of the week: Golden


Camryn Collier

“Freshly planted daffodils planted on Rivers St. by Durham Park. This specific type of daffodil is called February Gold for its bright, vibrant yellows, which give a nod to App State’s official colors.”

Camryn Collier, Reporter

The sun shining on your skin, blue skies and the smell of flowers in the air can only symbolize one thing: spring has arrived. 

With the equinox occurring this past week on March 20, a season of rebirth and rejuvenation pushes the white, cold, harsh winter months into nothing but a memory, only to be seen again in the far-off months. 

For the Appalachian region, spring brings more than just blue skies and sunshine. It also brings touches of yellow and gold. A color recognizable all over App State’s campus, the Appalachian region is home to many iconic golden-hued flowers like Ruth’s golden aster, goldenrod, spreading avens and more. 

Gold and yellows are not only for the plants, though. The Appalachian region is home to many yellow-hued critters that come back for the season as well, including the bumblebee, golden-winged warbler, American goldfinch, and eastern tiger swallowtail butterflies. 

With the spirit of the golden sunshine in the sky and the yellow flowers at our feet, this playlist represents the feeling of the emerging spring.