Political groups work together on nonpartisan issue

Stephanie Sansoucy

The Appalachian State University College Republicans, College Democrats and Student Government Association held a voter registration drive Tuesday on Sanford Mall to kick off the last week of voter registration in North Carolina.

Throughout the week, representatives from both the College Republicans and College Democrats will go around to classrooms registering students to vote, SGA President Dylan Russell said.

Russell said they haven’t counted how many students have been registered in the drive yet, but the goal for the week is to register 1,000 students.

“What might make this one of the most successful voter registration drives is that we have been working very closely with the faculty,” Russell said. “We have sent a letter out to all the faculty detailing when we can send a senator or someone from College Republicans or College Democrats to come to the classroom and register students to vote.”

Chairwoman of the College Republicans Caroline Hartman said that the main focus is to register as many students as possible and to prepare students for the upcoming Nov. 5 municipal election.

“Voting is not a partisan issue,” Hartman said. “We just wanted to get together and do the best we can to get people out and get people registered.”

President of the College Democrats Mollie Clawson said that Appalachian has a diverse group of students and it is important that they are all represented in voting.

“When the students see different groups, especially very influential groups like SGA and political groups working together, it shows them how it really is to just work together and promote positive change,” Clawson said.

Russell said it was great that the three groups were working together.

“Its reflective of who we are as an institution,” Russell said. “We are willing to put down our political ideology and just join hands and hit home this message that regardless of who you are, what you believe in, you need to be voting.”