Quarantine Reads: Book suggestions for social distancing at home

Ansley Puckett, Reporter

As COVID-19 case numbers increase and efforts to contain the virus keep people isolated in their homes, you may find yourself with a lot of time on your hands. For those looking for a little escapism from the constant coronavirus conversation, here is a list of book recommendations to keep you entertained and occupied.

Park Avenue Summer 

By: Renee Rosen 

Coronavirus may have overshadowed Women’s History Month, but you can still celebrate it with this historic fiction that follows Alice Weiss as she moves to New York to follow her dream of being a photographer. After landing a job with Cosmopolitan Magazine under its first female editor-in-chief, Helen Gurley Brown, Alice must balance her own dreams and loyalty while working to protect Helen from sabotage and betrayal. Along the way, Alice learns that powerful women are both vulnerable and strong and that women must stand up for each other if they want to get ahead in a male-dominated industry.  

Again, but Better 

By: Christine Riccio

In Christine Riccio’s debut novel, she combines humor and romance to create a story about second chances and finding yourself. The book details Shane Primaveri’s journey to have a better college experience after a disappointing first few years. Leaving her New York university, Shane heads to London to study abroad for a semester. There, she finds herself torn between her own dreams of being a writer and her parents’ plans for her to become a doctor, all while trying to make friends. This college coming-of-age story will both inspire you and satisfy your desire to travel while you are social distancing. 

Blood of Elves 

By: Andrzej Sapkowski

Here is a suggestion for fantasy fans out there: although there is controversy on what book to start this series with, “Blood of Elves” is labeled as “The Witcher” No. 1. No matter what book you start with, this series will keep you occupied in the coming days. The books follow Geralt, the witcher of Rivia, who kills monsters for profit. However, when a child is born with powers to change the world, Geralt must find someone to train her to use her powers before those who are also looking for her, find her. 

The Song of Achilles 

By: Madeline Miller

If you like Greek mythology, you’ll love this exploration of Homer’s story of the great Greek warrior, Achilles. In her book, Madeline Miller takes a look at the relationship between “the best of the Greeks” and his companion, Patroclus, and turns it into an entertaining story of love and grief. This tale, filled with action and adventure, looks at what it takes to stay together in the middle of conflict and adversity. 

Alias Grace 

By: Margaret Atwood

After being convicted for involvement in the murder of her employer and his housekeeper, Grace Marks is serving a life sentence. However, Grace has no memory of the murder, and people begin to question her guilt. In order to prove her innocence, a group of reformers consult a mental illness expert. But, as he dives deeper into her memory, he finds himself questioning what he thought he knew. Based on real events from 1843, this award-winning book is gripping and entertaining. After you finish it, check out the Netflix show, Alias Grace, based on the book.