Review: ‘End of Daze’ showcases new band’s talent

Michael Bragg

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Dum Dum Girls new album titled “End of Daze” was released Tuesday and it’s not likely to disappoint fans.

The garage-style band was formed in 2009 and follows the sounds of the band’s lead singer, Dee Dee Penny.

The original band name is from a combination of the Iggy Pop song “ Dum Dum Boys” and Vasaelines’ album “Dum Dum.” For the four-member band, this is their third extended play, or EP.

This EP was recorded in New York City with Sune Rose Wagner of the Raveonettes, Penny’s longtime producer, Richard Gottehrer, also was a part of this album’s production. Recording in New York was a change from their normal Los Angeles base. “End of Daze” is a better, more refined version of their last EP titled “He Gets Me High.”

The last album was focused around the emotional battle Penny was facing after the loss of her mother.

The band continues to showcase their eclectic sound in an edgier way. “End of Daze” takes a less emotional, more punk-rock approach.

“Mine Tonight” is the first track on the album and its dominant haunting melodic tone is a carry- over from their last EP.

The strongest song of the album is “I Got Nothing.” It has a mellow essence with an appealing vocal tempo that echos a concert anthem. “Pithchfork” awarded this song “Best New Track” after its early July release. The vocals have a calming quality, and their voices easily pull you in.

In “Trees and Flowers,” the lyrics take on a more vulnerable essence that gives it an overall melancholy tone.
“Lord Knows” is slow, almost too slow, but is still a well written song. “Season in Hell” takes on a beach-ska crossover. The voices are soothing, and has a punk beat that meshes well together.

Overall, the album is a great testament to the broad range of sound Dum Dum Girls is known for. It’s recommended that the album is to those who enjoy listening to a mixture of alternative music. The EP is available on iTunes and Amazon.

Rating: Three out of four stars

Story: KALEY CAMPBELL, Intern A&E Reporter