Review: Fall drinks in the High Country


Kait Rous

Coffee and a donut at the Local Lion. The High Country offers a wide array of seasonal drinks to enjoy this fall.

Kait Rous, A&C Reporter

Red, orange and yellow leaves aren’t the only perks of fall’s arrival: seasonal drinks and sweet treats go hand in hand with the cool air. Pumpkin spice and everything nice topped with whipped cream and chai spice are just a few of the autumn flavors available around Boone. Whether you are in need of a warm hug or a cool refresher, coffee shops have exactly what you’re looking for.

Blue Deer Cookies

The mouth-watering smell of coffee and cookies fills the air at Blue Deer Cookies on King Street. The cookie shop decorated their tables with pumpkins and added seasonal tastes to the ever-changing chalkboard menu. To satisfy fall cravings, pair a warm graham cracker cookie with a cup of pumpkin pie ice cream and sip on an iced pumpkin spice latte.

Boone Bagelry

Down the street, coffee lovers can grab breakfast or lunch at Boone Bagelry and pair it with any of the many seasonal drinks available. From the creamy dulce de leche latte to the spiced pumpkin chai, the menu has an array of flavorful combinations to satisfy taste buds. Additionally, pumpkin cream cheese is available to top any bagel. To start off the crisp, fall mornings, try the hot and sweet dulce de leche latte or the s’mores mocha, and pair it with a bagel of your choice.

Hatchet Coffee

Across town, Hatchet Coffee serves its twist of the season, offering “Smashing Pumpkin” lattes and nitro cold brews infused with their house-made pumpkin sauce. The “Pumpkin Scythe” smoothie offers a festive pick-me-up with its unique blend of banana, pumpkin pureé and maple. To top it all off, you can choose to add whipped cream and a sprinkle of chai spice to liven up any drink. Opt for the spiced whipped cream and enjoy a refreshing “Smashing Pumpkin” nitro cold brew. 

The Local Lion

At the Local Lion, freshly-made donuts sit behind the glass counter, waiting to be paired with a pumpkin spice latte. Sweet orange treats made with pumpkin batter and topped with glaze or cinnamon sugar are among the wide array of baked treats available. Next to the pumpkin donuts lay the maple glazed, which are perfect to enjoy with a cup of hot apple cider. Grab a friend, treat yourself to a hot pumpkin spice latte and enjoy a few glazed pumpkin donuts.

Whether you are looking for coffee, chai spice or anything else nice to enjoy while planning your next fall activity, Boone is full of flavor. Pumpkin, caramel and maple drinks and treats are waiting for you to devour them. Right on time: leaves are changing, beanies are returning and seasonal drinks are making their way into the autumn sunlight!