SGA discusses ways to solve campus smoking issue

Five people were removed at the university’s first home game against Montana for smoking in the stadium, Officer Todd Corley, Investigations Commander, said.

Smoking within 50 feet of a building on campus is a reoccurring issue for university police, Corley said.

“If a patrol officer walks up on someone smoking within that limit, we just ask them to put the cigarette out, and most do,” Corley said. “Although we have not given out any $25 State citations so far this year, if a smoker fails to comply or returns to smoke soon after, we will.”

Student Government Association’s Director of Sustainability Alex Cotton “solving the issue of smoking is her biggest priority right now.”

SGA is discussing various ideas with officers, administration, faculty and students to find the best solution for the entire university, Cotton said.

East Carolina University fixed their smoking problem by changing their rule to 25 feet, so that’s under consideration, Cotton said.

The thought to change Appalachian to a completely tobacco-free school is not really being considered, Cotton said.

“Because smoking has been an issue at ASU for years, we are hoping to implement some changes in the policy and changes on campus by next semester,” Cotton said.

Student Body President Jake Cox said he wants the entire student body to have input in this discussion, rather than an executive decision made purely by administration.

“I used to be a smoker, so I want the smaller population of smokers at ASU to be accommodated, as well as those who don’t smoke,” Cox said.

Implementing designated smoking areas with coverage for weather and controlling cigarette litter by adding more dispensers are a few ways that are being discussed to alleviate this issue, Cox said.

“I think this is such a controversial issue at Appalachian and we have to do something to fix it,” Cox said.


Story: KASI MITCHELL, Intern News Reporter