Essentials for the High Country’s harshest season


Asher Davidson, A&C Editor

A slight rustle of leaves, the delicious taste of everything peppermint, wind biting at the exposed cheeks of students. Soon there will be varying layers of snow on the pavement and classes will be unbearable to trek to. All signs of another harsh, hectic and heavenly Boone winter. 

Surviving these winters can take its toll, but with the proper preparation, even the most novice winter-goer can learn how to make the most of the cold rigid air. The self-preparation also gives everyone a time to revamp their winter fashion. 

A warm base layer goes a long way in keeping warm, as does some fashionable and heat trapping accessories. Nothing says “I’m ready for the Boone winter” like throwing on a tight pair of thermal underwear from Footsloggers and throwing on a heavy down jacket and sturdy snow boots from Regear.

While that takes care of basics, no outfit is complete without the proper accessories. Sure those can be found on Amazon or any other online vendor, but why not support local and have some winter time fun going into the small shops on King Street looking for some chic gloves and a scarf or two? Stop into Boone Belles for some warm and stylish hats or meander into Highway Robbery for some comfy and stylish gloves. For the outdoorsy folks, Mast General Store has a large selection of outdoor apparel, and visitors can even go to the first store opened in Valle Crucis.  

All that walking around and shopping is bound to work up an appetite and what’s winter without a piping hot coffee or latte? Luckily, Boone is home to great coffee shops, and most, along with Starbucks are serving holiday drinks again. 

If for some reason Starbucks doesn’t quench the winter thirst, stop in at Boone’s famous Local Lion for some craving quenching coffee and delightful doughnuts. Another two must-stop coffee shops are Talia Espresso and Hatchet Coffee Roasters.

Talia Espresso offers drinkers “delicious espresso-based beverages, fresh sustainable foods and connected community,” plus they have some killer stickers to purchase. Hatchet believes in a “roast for sweetness and balance, have a little bit of something for everyone, and get it to them fast.” No matter where the coffee is from it will warm right down to the bone. In order to have all these tasty and stylish treats one has to be able to get around the town and if you leave King Street one needs to be prepared for all possible weather conditions. 

Once in a while here in Boone the sky opens up and what falls from the heavens can only be described as pure fun, that is unless one is trying to navigate this white powdery delight in a car. Driving in the snow can always be a hazard unless one is prepared. The safest option for anyone driving in snow is to have a good set of chains for tires. Chains can be picked up at any one of the many auto stores around town and if a car happens to get stuck somewhere just give K&S Towing a call, they are more than happy to help. 

Of course all this headache can be prevented if one decides to stay at home and make use of the snow by having a good old fashioned snowball fight, or building a snowman to guard the dorms. After all, a winter in Boone is best spent and survived with friends.