Washington D.C. house is ‘app-ed out’

Chelsey Fisher

For students living in Boone, N.C., internships are not always easy to come by.

So, when an opportunity comes to intern in Washington, D.C., it’s hard to pass up.

The App House in Washington, D.C. is designed for current students to live in while doing internships in Washington.

The house is similar to the New York Loft in downtown Manhattan, N.Y., although it’s lesser known.

Currently, university alumnus Tommy Ratliff is working at a government consulting agency in Washington, D.C.


During his internship, Ratliff is living in The App House.

“If I didn’t go to App State I don’t know if I would have an opportunity like this,” Ratliff said.

The house can accommodate a total of nine students, although the house is not currently full.

Current resident Dani Ianelli interns at the Student Conduct Office at Georgetown University, and said she loves “everything about living here.”

“I think my one of my favorite feelings is walking into the house and feeling at home,” Ianelli, junior communication studies major said.

“It’s amazing. The house is completely ‘App-ed’ out and it just gives off that community feel you get when you’re at school.”

The house is located on Capitol Hill, within walking distance of the Congressional offices.

Senior social work major Kristie Combs interns with North Carolina Congresswoman Virginia Foxx.

“I would encourage every student at Appalachian to attend the D.C. program,” Combs said. “This is more than an internship, it is life-changing experience.”

Combs said living in Washington, D.C. has allowed her to see many misconceptions of politicians.

“What is seen on TV is very misleading, and when you experience Capitol Hill you don’t see Congress — you see people pushing for what they believe in,” Combs said.

Students interested in living in The App House during the spring 2013 semester need to submit applications by Nov. 9.

For more information on The App House, visit dc.appstate.edu.


Story: KATELYN BYNG, Intern News Reporter and STEPHANIE SANSOUCY, Senior News Reporter