This day in history: App State faculty member sues university

Jenna Guzman curated this story by Lucy Dowdy and Jenelle Autry which The Appalachian originally published April 27, 1989.

A five year debate between an ASU faculty member and the university administration may be coming to an end.

Former Dean of Learning Sources Dr. Alvis Corum filed a civil action lawsuit against the university on June 27, 1984, contending he was terminated from the deanship because of his age and because he exercised his right to speak out on a public issue.

Corum, the plaintiff in the case, listed the defendants as the University of North Carolina, through its Board of Governors; UNC System President C.D. Spangler, in his official capacity; ASU Chancellor John Thomas and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Harvey Durham.

The issue concerns “The Appalachian Collection,” an accumulation of numerous books, recordings and artifacts concerning Appalachian culture prior to 1850.