University specials: Cut into Boone’s Culinary pie


Aldo Sabaria

Trivette Dining Hall houses Park Place at the Pond. Students can choose from stir-fry, salad and deli bar and a pasta bar. They also offer all day breakfast and have vegetation, gluten free and vegan options. Many students eat inside, but some choose to take their food outside to enjoy the scenery and the ducks. Photo taken on Jul 20, 2022.

Asher Davidson, Reporter

Grabbing a bite to eat is a great way to connect with new people, start a new fling and even spend quality time with old friends and family. The array of restaurants and eateries on campus and around town can seem endless, but with practice and a few tips and tricks, navigating everything is a piece of cake.

On-Campus Dining 

The main dining hall on the East Side of campus is Roess Dining Hall. The first thing you need to know about Roess Dining Hall is to always call it “Central,” never “Roess.” To returning students this is not new information. However, if you are new to App State this little mistake is a dead give away.

When visiting Central, it’s important to remember there are two sections of the dining hall — upper and lower. Lower serves hungry students lunch and dinner from places like The Carving Board and Chick-fil-A. Upper serves a variety of breakfast and lunch meals and is known mostly for its tasty breakfasts. 

For residents living on West Campus, Trivette Dining Hall is the spot for all three meals and a place to go for a spur of the moment shopping trip for anything from fruits to sugar filled powdered doughnuts. Trivette offers food for early risers with its hashbrown casserole and waffle makers that create waffles stamped with the university’s signature “A.” For lunch, Trivette serves residents a variety of stir fry dishes from the live action stir fry station. Dinner at Trivette is served early with the dining hall closing at 8 p.m. on weekdays and 7 p.m. on weekends. Dinner options range from seared flank steak to taco nights. The party doesn’t stop there — Trivette Hall Market, open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. – 9 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday 1 – 9 p.m., is a place to stop in with friends for a late night ice cream snack or to pick up any forgotten groceries. 

Campus is littered with tasty cafes all in different buildings. Some fan favorites are Cascades and Crossroads, both located in Plemmons Student Union. Cascades provides students with healthy smoothies and various sandwiches, and Crossroads fuels students with their array of coffee. 

Continue discovering favorite on campus spots by exploring the campus and trying all the food options. Keep in mind Campus Dining changed the way meal plans are structured.

Off-Campus Dining

Boone’s dining scene provides a wide variety of meal options. Eating at dining halls can be repetitive and can sometimes fall short in fulfilling certain cravings. Whether looking for a pizza, hankering for Southern style wings with dipping sauce, or are looking to get a refuel with some in-town coffee, Boone has a restaurant or hangout for everyone.

Mornings come quick and the best way to wake up for a long day of classes is with a piping hot cup o’ joe. A go-to favorite is Local Lion. Located at 791 Blowing Rock Road, this quaint coffee shop serves up coffee that can jump start any sleepy mind. Local Lion has a rustic atmosphere with java for all times of the day and all occasions. 

Boone Bagelry, open from 7 a.m. – 2 p.m. serves up hot breakfast bagels. Located at 516 West King St. eaters can sit inside with a colorful mural of the Appalachian skyline or outside under different colored umbrellas with an assortment of flowers at each table.

Lucky students that can find the time to go and catch a mid-day meal should try FARM Cafe at 617 West King St. The mission of this restaurant is to “Feed All Regardless of Means” and is a great option for students who find themselves in the very familiar position of being short on cash. FARM Cafe allows its customers to pay what they can and all meals are made from locally sourced ingredients and are vegetarian friendly. Students with a little bit more free time can help FARM Cafe with their mission to feed the community by volunteering to help cook meals. 

Wild Craft Eatery offers locally farmed ingredients and has plenty of vegetarian options for a wide variety of earters. They are located at 506 West King St. and currently only have their patio open as they work on a recreation of their bar and dining room.

Fun dinners and game day festivities are always provided by the Rivers Street Ale House, at 957 Rivers St. provides fans an outdoor space for games and your best victory dances. The award winning wings at Ale House are offered in 16 different styles for a delicious victory dance in your mouth. 

For an artisan pizza and a cold pint, go to 130 North Depot St. to find Boone’s very own Lost Province Brewing Co. Lost Province has a wide selection of tasty brewskis along with an extravagant menu of unique pizzas.  

These restaurants will get you started on a food tour of Boone. However, there are plenty others around the town that are just a short walking distance away.