Watauga County Board of Elections certifies 2022 election results


The Watauga County Board of Elections certified the 2022 general election results for the county Nov. 18.

Candidates had until 5 p.m. Monday to request a recount of votes.

The following are official results for races which were previously too close to call after Election Day Watauga County:

Board of commissioners District 1:

Todd Castle is the winner for Watauga County commissioner District 1 against Angela King. Castle received 50.07% of the vote. 

The duties of a Watauga County commissioner consist of appointing the county manager, county attorney, Clerk to the Board, substitute Clerk to the Board and making numerous appointments to county and public corporation boards, commissions and committees.

Castle, a Republican, works at App State in the Department of Information Technology.

“I felt called to run for office again as my desire is to serve and work alongside the community. I have a deep love for Watauga County, and I want to make it the best place to live and raise a family,” Castle wrote on his website.

Board of commissioners District 3:

Braxton Eggers is projected to win Watauga County commissioner for District 3, projected to defeat Billy Kennedy with a majority 50.01% of the vote. 

Watauga County commissioners are responsible for deciding annual property tax rates, appointing county positions and assigning officials to advisory boards for the county. 

Eggers has not previously held an office position, but has worked as a farmer for most of his life, as well as being a small business owner  

Eggers ran on the platform of making housing more affordable and accessible. Eggers believes that “future generations need to be able to afford to live here.” 

Board of commissioners District 4:

Larry Turnbow is the winner for county commissioner District 4 against Melissa Tausche. Turnbow received 50.68% compared to Tausche. 

The duties of county commissioner consist of establishing the annual property tax rate, appointing the county manager, county clerk, county attorney and tax administrator, appointing various officials and representatives to advisory boards and commissions.

Turnbow won on the Democratic platform and previously served as the county commissioner of District 4. 

Turnbow believes in “continuing long-range planning with the school board and sheriff’s department to repair and replace our aging school buildings, improve teacher pay and improve public safety,” Turnbow said in a questionnaire from the Blowing Rock Civic Association. 

Watauga County Clerk of Superior Court:

Republican Incumbent Charles M. Haynes won against Democrat Holly Fehl for Watauga County Clerk of Superior Court with 50.07% of votes. 

The Clerk of Superior Court position oversees all clerical and record keeping functionalities of the Superior Court.

Haynes was appointed to Clerk of Superior Court in 2021 after the former clerk announced her retirement. He ran to remain in the position.

Haynes graduated from App State in 2003 and earned a bachelor’s degree in electronic media/broadcasting.

Haynes served in the clerk office as assistant clerk and deputy clerk in Watauga from 2012-19.