Campus Dining hopes to maintain facilities, employment and coffee at Crossroads and Wired Scholar

Jackie Park, Reporter

Students may see new artwork and shiny new coffee machines in Crossroads and Wired Scholar this fall thanks to Campus Dining.

Campus Dining took over the two shops July 1.

Stephanie Lee, communications specialist for Campus Dining, said students can expect most things about the shops to remain the same, including the coffee, pastries and programming offered by APPS in Crossroads.

“It’s our goal to have it be consistent; it’s our goal to just put some new equipment in there, get going, have some fun,” Lee said.

Lee said that former employees of the shops will be welcomed back, and management will mostly remain the same.

Halle Keighton
Wired Scholar, located in Belk Library, is one of two coffee shops recently acquired by Campus Dining. Campus Dining hopes only to make aesthetic changes to the spaces.

“We don’t want to change pretty much anything about the operation,” Lee said. “If anyone who worked there previously is interested in re-signing and working this semester, we would welcome that.”

Lee said the coffee shops were the only two dining “venues” not previously operated by Campus Dining besides Beans 2 Brew in Peacock Hall.

“It feels very natural to welcome the coffee shops into what we call our ‘Campus Dining family,’” Lee said.

Lee is an alumna of App State and said she remembers drinking “gallons and gallons” of coffee in the shops.

“I know personally that those coffee shops were a big part of my college experience and I know that they are a big part of a lot of students’ college experiences, so we’re just honored that we get to see that and be a part of the action,” Lee said.

Through the end of July, students can expect to see signs up on the shops stating they are closed for cleaning while Campus Dining makes the transition.

Lee said Campus Dining is making improvements now so the shops will be open during the first week of classes in the fall.

“Everyone in their first week of class definitely needs their coffee, and we’ll be here ready to go,” Lee said.