Christian Adams confirmed by Senate despite rules committee hearing

Moss Brennan, Reporter

Christian Adams was confirmed by the Student Government Association Senate on Tuesday night after being graded “insufficient” in two categories by the rules committee.

Adams, junior advertising major, was confirmed to the cabinet position of director of marketing with unanimous consent and one abstention.

“It’s definitely exciting because it wasn’t promised after the rules thing,” Adams said. “I feel like I presented myself better and I feel like that was noticed.”

Adams had a powerpoint presentation he gave to the Senate during his opening statement before taking questions.

Adams also said he plans to be better prepared for everything he walks into by meeting with his fellow cabinet members.

All other confirmations were confirmed by unanimous consent. The other confirmations were:

  • Jared Mark, director of student affairs  
  • Gaby Romero, director of social sustainability
  • Ben Killion, director of engagement
  • Savannah Fonvielle, chief administrative officer
  • Bailey Chavis, director of service

When Adams was coming back into the room, DeJon Milbourne, SGA president, shouted for people not to clap right away which generated laughter among the Senate.

Story by Moss Brennan, News Editor